Girls Volleyball Divisions

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As girls volleyball teams are approved and assigned to divisions/zones, they will appear on the Standings page.  Please note the following about how this process works.

6th-8th Teams

6th-8th grade teams are registered by their coordinator into Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 with level 1 being the most competitive division and level 4 being considered as a recreational division which plays by a different set of playing time rules.  Our girls volleyball commissioner reviewed the registrations and we had a league meeting on June 24th to discuss with all volleyball coordinators.  Some teams were moved up or down a level from where they registered to try and find the best level of play for each team based on how that team finished last year and how their roster looks for the upcoming season.

3rd-5th Teams

A survey was sent out to all girls volleyball coordinators asking them to re-affirm (or not) the methodology used to group these teams into zones.  The results of the survey overwhelmingly confirmed the approach the league has taken since its inception four years ago.  Since all of the teams in 3rd-5th grade are considered to be "balanced" teams (i.e. talent is spread evenly across teams if a league member has multiple teams for a given grade), our member's first priority is to reduce travel time to away games for parents, players, and coaches.  Thus, teams are assigned to zones mostly be geography.  We would like to have fewer teams per zone (ideally 11 teams), however, it is also a high priority for our members to not play other teams from the same parish.  Since some of the larger parishes can have 3 or 4 teams per grade, we are forced to create larger zones with enough teams to avoid intra-parish matchups and to also avoid a team playing another team twice in the regular season.

We hope you find this information useful!