Basketball Registration Metrics

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10/17 UPDATE: We will begin approving teams today and they will show up on the Standings page when this happens. In addition, coaches will receive emails to claim their accounts. Coordinators, please make sure you put in the correct email address for your coaches. All 3rd-5th grade teams will be approved today and the 6th-8th grade teams will be on the Standings page by Sunday evening as we begin the scheduling process on Monday.

If you'd like an idea how many basketball teams have registered per grade/skill level, click on the button below to view some high-level registration metrics.  You can also look at the Standings page once registration is closed.  As we approve teams and assign them to divisions/zones, they will show up on the Standings page so you can get a better idea who your opponents will be for the upcoming season.

Registered Teams by Grade/Skill   Registered Teams by Organization