All Tournament Schedules Now Available!

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For those teams playing at Roger Bacon HS this weekend, parking will be sparse due to a Friars Club tournament.  Your best luck finding a parking spot will most likely be in the school backlot on Leonard Ave or you can park on the street on Leonard Ave as well.

All tournament schedules are now available.   REPORT YOUR TOURNAMENT SCORES IN A TIMELY MANNER.  Teams are advanced through the tournament based on a score being reported.  Good luck to all teams!

This physical bracket will show the teams as they advance through the tournament (scores must be logged to advance the teams on the bracket) and will also show the scores of completed games.  Please note that this is not a responsive bracket and while you can view it from a mobile device, it is best viewed from a computer or tablet.  Horizontal and vertical scroll bars are available to help you view the entire bracket.   In some cases, the consolation game is not displayed on the initial view of the bracket.  You can view this by scrolling to the right.  All brackets have a consolation game with the exception of 6th-8th grade Level 1 brackets.

There is also a way to easily locate the bracket your team is playing in.  Choose the Find My Bracket link, enter the last name of your coach or your entire team name, and a listing of teams in your bracket will appear along with their seeding and record.  You can easily click on the bracket name to display the physical bracket.

Check out the links below.  You can also access this tournament information from the Post Season Tourney option on the Schedule menu.  

Find my Bracket Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym Physical Bracket